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Modern society relies increasingly on computers and software. Computing is transforming our world-changing the way we work and apply, and redefining fields of human endeavor as diverse as health care, engineering and government. Computer science is fueling this revolution and provides, increasingly, a powerful intellectual framework for other disciplines, underpinning one’s understanding of key phenomena across life and health science, the humanities, engineering and physical science.

The Computer Science and Engineering UG and PG Degree program aims to provide the students with the knowledge and skills needed to become competent professionals in the computing industry or to prepare them for the master’s program.

The mission of the department is to advance and enhance computer science engineering fundamentals to build the intellectual capital of  students. The CSE Department endeavours to be an important  resource center for the development of computing systems and applications

The department was established in the academic year 2008-09 with an annual intake of 120. It offers 4 year B.Tech. program affiliated to JNTU Kakinada & approved by AICTE. The annual intake of CSE branch is 180 from the academic year 2012-13. The department offers M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from the academic year 2012-13. The department has number of well-equipped Laboratories and provides excellent facilities for learning.

The implementation of instruction is systematic and is aimed at developing creativity, solving open ended problems and a bit of desire to research. The final year projects are so chosen that they calls for an integrated knowledge of quite a few subjects and poses a real challenge to the ability of the student.

The department is conscious that they are dealing with knowledge areas whose paradigms are constantly shifting and the knowledge obsolescence is as high as the expansion is vast. The hardware and software are being updated every year to cater to the changing needs and staff who have graduated recently are being recruited as they are abreast with the recent knowledge and skills. Further, the staff of the department are being sent to acquire higher qualifications to make the departments performance, the best available in these parts of the state. The aim of bringing out an up to date graduate is being pursued on a continuous basis.

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Imparting quality education in Computer Science & Engineering to develop technically competent and socially responsible engineers to cater the challenging needs of the society.


The mission of Computer Science & Engineering program is to educate students in the theoretical foundation of the discipline and its creative application to the solution of complex problems, and to prepare students to learn independently in a discipline that is constantly changing. The program seeks to develop students, who are sensitive to the wide range of social concerns impacted by the discipline and are articulate in expression of their ideas and actions.


Our goal has been and continues to be a high quality degree program in computer science that prepares students for lifelong learning as they undertake professional careers in computing. The Departmental goals are divided into Long Range Goals and Short Range Goals.

Short term goals:

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[li]To include ethical, moral and value based education system in the institution.[/li]

[li]To improve the students Academic performances to achieve 100% results.[/li]

[li]To improve campus placements.[/li]

[li]To develop domain specific expertise amongst department faculty.[/li]

[li]To develop product development facilities in the department.[/li]


Long term goals:

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[li]To develop International  leaders in Technology.[/li]

[li]To encourage faculty to indulge in research activities.[/li]



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