About Department

Krishnaveni Engineering College for women has an excellent science and humanities department, which includes committed and devoted faculty, outstanding infrastructure, extensively furnished laboratories and amenities for the smooth transmission of knowledge.

The department of sciences and humanities is a combination of different disciplines, which includes Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, English, Environmental studies, Library sciences and Physical education. Our eminent team of faculty lays foundation for all core engineering branches and indulge the qualities of ceaseless learning in students.       

The department teaches for both UG and PG courses. Apart from academic activities, the department members carry on additional responsibilities in literary, co-curricular and cultural activities. The department takes a crucial part in conducting soft skills, reasoning and aptitude classes for all UG & PG students.


  • To encourage our students to utilize English language effectively.
  • To instill self-capability to apply English in understanding other subjects.
  • To emerge as a most vital department in all aspects of engineering education.
  • To develop basic concepts of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry required for engineering students which can be utilized to understand core subjects easily.
  • To lay strong foundation and firm base for further core education.
  • To inculcate required qualities in the students such as life-long learning, independent thinking, behaving ethically in all interactions which leads the students to lifelong success.


  • To produce skillful and basically strong engineers who can face global challenges.
  • To enable the girl students to develop their own abilities and talents inorder to discover their potential to the fullest under the privileged guidance of highly qualified and committed faculty.
  • To develop engineering graduates who have logical thinking and scientific research in Mathematics.
  • To promote the students proficiency by inculcating all the four skills of the language i.e LSRW skills in their academic life.
  • To create passion for learning science, engineering and technology.

HOD Message

On behalf of staff and students of the department of Sciences and Humanities of Krishnaveni Engineering College for Women, I welcome you all to the creative pool of knowledge i.e., Sciences and Humanities department.

Our department has well qualified and committed faculty. The mission of the department is to produce the top quality education and to conduct leading-edge programs. It lays foundation and teaches basic sciences which will help the students to understand and absorb their core subjects. It prepares the students to be technically sound and develops critical thinking. It helps the students to fit themselves in government sector or private sector.

Our faculty members hold the possibly high standards of teaching and works actively to involve students, fully in allotted subjects. The additional feature of our department is our soft skills development program. This program helps the budding engineers to develop their communication skills and personality which in turn helps them to work efficiently in their specific fields as experts.

My sincere thanks to all the faculty members and the students who contributed so much to the success of the department.

Department Highlights

  • Regular class assignments
  • Peer teaching
  • Student counseling
  • Motivational talks
  • Class review committees
  • Surprise tests
  • Mentoring
  • Parent or Guardian interaction
  • Topics beyond curriculum
  • Small project works
  • Case studies
  • Multi-Modal teaching
  • Special care for slow learners
  • Careful lesson planning
  • Special focus on English communication skills
  • Study hours