The Library at Krishnaveni Engineering College for Women has been built to International Standards, Spreads over an area of 700 sq.ft with modern study area and internet facilities. KECW library is the nerve center of the entire campus catering to the needs of the staff and students in full measure. The library is well equipped with a large collection of books under the categories of academics, reference and general.  All the books are bar-coded and indexed using the latest library management software. It contains over 13,650 books valued at Rs.70 lakhs, the library subscribes to both national and international magazines, journals and periodicals in addition to leading national dailies. The total seating capacity of the library is 40.

It is a book house of knowledge, where its prime objective is to guide every student in an appropriate way and pave the road to success. It meets the innumerable needs of the students in the academic curriculum.  The book collection ranges from literary classics to management guide and from career counselors to technical reviews.


KECW campus is connected with Intranet facility with which students make use of all the books and materials and other references through Computer Assisted Learning during the college hours. Intranet facility can be put to constructive purposes by allowing all the students and faculty to share information with one another and exchange new ideas to improve teaching and learning methods, increase productivity, and promote greater friendliness and better coordination. Continuous Internet facilities are provided using optical fiber backbone covering Departments, Labs, and Library and Class rooms throughout the campus through 20 Mbps leased lines from a highly competent Service Provider.


KECW campus has Wi-Fi facility. The facility acts as the best technological companion to the students. They are able to procure academic richness depending on the global technological resources. Academic lessons, practice exercises, model papers, references etc. are at the nearest reach to the students. The campuses with such a modern assistance will erase all the limitations from which the students suffer.


Krishnaveni Engineering College for Women has a fleet of 2 buses, operating along six routes around NRT with a total seating capacity of 500 students. An emergency vehicle is available round the clock. Students on commencement of academic year are to remit Rs. 10,000/- with transport cell as an annual fee for availing the facility from College. The Transport Officer then issues bus passes to the students along the designated routes. The bus pass is valid for one year and students are expected to produce the pass for identification on demand.


The canteen in the campus is a place for homely atmosphere. The food is prepared and served there with greater care and devotion under hygienic conditions. The campus has its own water-filtering plant to ensure clean drinking water free of impurities of all kinds. The facilities in the campus canteen are conducive to all the students to reach the apex point of health and satisfaction. Food items are served at the affordable prices to all the students and the faculty.


To strike the balance between Health is wealth and Knowledge is power Sports are given priority at par with academics. Physical education and sport are essential to young people’s development as pupils, as citizens and as individuals. Sport is fun in its own right, but it also offers the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, teamwork, creativity, enterprise and perseverance. It also provides young people with the opportunity to get fit and to adopt a healthy lifestyle, both now and in the future.

Krishnaveni Engineering College for Women encourages students to explore their Latent talents by providing good games and sports facilities. The institute is equipped with the following.

  • Courts for Volley ball
  • Courts for Basket ball
  • Disc throw
  • Short put
  • Other amenities of indoor games like caroms, shuttle and chess